Tailoring the curriculum

We take a highly tailored approach to the learning, ensuring that we cover the national curriculum in ways that are appropriate for the development and learning styles of each child. We make learning relevant to the life experience of our young people and look for creative, hands-on ways to help them develop the core competencies in literacy and numeracy. Through our approach we are committed to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of each child. We are ambitious for the children in our care and so we also set individual targets that stretch and encourage academic development. It goes without saying that all our teaching staff have substantial experience and qualifications to bring this fantastic curriculum to life.


Making learning fun

We encourage individual learning, group work and plenty of outdoor education to help children gain a whole variety of skills as they progress academically. Lessons are fun and our wonderful teachers use their creative skills to instigate a full range of spatial, aural, verbal and physical learning techniques to engage the children. We build learning around topics that our children are interested in and split lessons into bite-sized chunks that children can engage with. Our teaching staff regularly work with teachers from across the Acorn Education and Care network to get fresh ideas and inspiration.


Off-site learning

We love taking our children off-site to enhance their learning. We are fortunate that we have a large park on our doorstep that we can use and we also build in visits to places of local interest such as churches, museums and local sports facilities. While the trips are always linked to our topics, it’s also a great way to engage the children with the wider community in which they live.



During these unprecedented times in our countries recent history, we are taking our pupils education very seriously and offer many different on-line learning options so that your child may continue to learn at home, at their own pace.  Some of our pupils have families where another member may be vulnerable health-wise and, because of this some of our current pupils are having to self-isolate to keep their family safe. With this in mind we will be updating our website with on-line learning resources on a regular basis (please see the footer on the home page).  We are all in this together, let us stay safe and keep our families safe too.