Lancashire Hawks and Owls – Dec 6th 2019

As part of our autumn term thematic unit of work we had the pleasure of welcoming Lancashire Hawks and Owls into our school. In the build up to this very exciting and engaging experience we participated in many lessons linked to animals and their habitats. We really enjoyed meeting Fudge the Tawny Owl and Jammu the Eagle Owl. During the time that we spent with these beautiful creatures, we learnt some interesting facts about how they survive in the wild and how they really do have to avoid the rain. We were lucky enough to see the largest owl of all fly across our school hallway and even had the opportunity to stroke and hold some of the smaller birds. On this day, we also welcomed a number of students from Waterloo Lodge to share our experience. This was in addition to a couple of parents who also attended school on this occasion.

Pupil A stated ‘I really enjoyed this experience as I am a huge fan of Harry Potter and one of the white barn owls looked just like Hedwig”