School Life

Encouraging positive behaviour

We take a positive approach to managing behaviour, which is built on relationships. Our children understand what is expected of them and are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions. At the same time, the staff also understand and get to know the young people we work with, so they can identify when children are getting stressed or anxious and they can intervene both early and appropriately. It’s important that we manage behaviour in a nurturing way and the whole team is trained to take this approach. We are fortunate to have a designated member of staff who takes responsibility for the pastoral care of our children and helps to establish and resolve any wider issues that are affecting a child’s behaviour within the classroom. No child should ever have to struggle alone.

Celebrating achievement

We love to celebrate the progress our children make and promote a number of reward systems to recognise their achievements. Every afternoon, children can choose an activity to take part in during ‘Golden Time’ if they reach their behaviour targets for the day. On a Friday afternoon, we offer a variety of curriculum enrichment activities, which may include swimming, bowling or going to the park. We also operate a points system, where children can earn points for good behaviour or exceptional work, which they can exchange for educational toys and games.


Easing the transition to secondary school

The preparation for secondary school starts early at Holden School. From the moment children are with us, we help them to develop the competencies and confidence they’ll need when they move to secondary school. Most children move on to a provision that is determined by their local authority and, wherever possible, we liaise closely with the relevant secondary schools to make the transition as smooth as possible.


Giving children a voice

We want the children at Holden School to feel that this is their school; a place where they are valued, listened to and feel safe. Through our school council, we want to engage children in decisions about uniform, school meals and the activities they enjoy on Friday afternoons. We also give potential new teachers a chance to take a class, and encourage pupils to give us their honest feedback. Wherever it’s feasibly possible, we’ll put children’s ideas into practice.