Therapy & Welfare

It is well researched that emotional wellbeing is an essential pre-requisite for academic success, positive behaviour and positive mental health.

At The Holden School, we recognise this and work proactively to build self-esteem, self image, aspiration and a sense of belonging. We also recognise that the work we do here doesn’t just impact upon the young person whilst they are with us, but lays the future foundations for a happy, meaningful and healthy lifestyle.

We are able to access an integrated, multidisciplinary health and therapy service which includes assessment, interventions, therapy, consultation and training. Our aim is to work not only with the young person but also the adults in their life, thereby raising standards and providing a holistic service.

The professionals in our teams include Speech and Language Therapists, Nurse Specialists, Consultant Psychologist, Occupational Therapist and Counsellor