About Us

Our Approach


Personalising support

Our personal approach to education starts from the moment a child is referred to us. Children come to us with a range of complex needs and challenging personal experiences and it’s important that we assess these against our provision to ensure that we are the right school for them. We take time to look through each child’s education, health and care plan, but most importantly, we meet with a child and their family in person – this may be in their own home or in the child’s current school. If we understand a child’s situation better, then we will be able to provide more personalised support.


Engaging children

Many of the children we support will have spent considerable time out of the classroom or had negative experiences of education that have adversely affected their self-confidence. We work hard to rekindle their love of learning, by taking a creative and fun approach to the curriculum that’s built around our children’s individual interests. We may explore a topic around football, animals or even The Avengers, depending what engages and inspires our children. Naturally our lessons include a range of learning activities both inside and outside the classroom and we are fortunate to have a wonderful park right on our doorstep.


Working in collaboration

We want to actively support not only the children who come to Holden Park, but their parents too. Our family liaison officer is a key point of contact for our families and is on hand to help with school-related issues, as well as concerns parents may have about other aspects of their child’s care. There is daily communication between a child’s teacher and their family via home diaries, phone calls and when children are dropped off or collected. Through our open door policy, families know they can speak with their child’s teacher, the family liaison officer, the child protection officer or any member of the senior management team whenever they need to. By building strong relationships with a child’s family, we hope to ensure the great progress children make in the classroom can be extended into the home environment too.